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Search Engine Optimization
We are well versed in all things Google related. Google has 10 times more users than any other search engine. We follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines so to ensure that your website has long term, search engine sustainability.It is more important than ever to be able to compete with other companies on the web. We provide small businesses with a means to effectively target their potential customers based on their industry keywords. This is a long term marketing strategy, which, once implemented, will provide a continuous flow of natural and unpaid traffic.

We have over 5 years of SEO experience. We have managed Amazon affiliate websites that generated revenue produced by Google search visitors. We have several years of training in the field of ‘white-hat’ search engine optimization. This means that there are no tricks or schemes, just honest and effective SEO at an affordable rate.


We offer Search Engine Optimization consultations to help you get going with a long term plan for your online presence.

Before we meet with you, we collect information about your business and what you want to achieve. We then do research into what keywords you could be optimizing for and what the competition looks like. We will teach you how to optimize for those keywords on-site and off-site.

Fee: $70/hour

Monthly Optimization Services

We strive to provide the best SEO service possible. Most SEO companies use mass backlink submission software in order to get quick results. But 1-2 months afterwards, the website loses rankings. Or even worse, it disappears off of Google search results. This is called ‘Sandboxing’; a term used by Google to refer to those websites who have participated in ‘Black Hat’ SEO tactics.

With all the guidance that Google has given to webmasters, it is surprising just how many people are still using these tactics, and are missing out on long term traffic. This is where we come in!

At, we provide on-site optimization, as well as off-site quality content linking back to your website. We write the content ourselves, so it is completely original. We do research into your industry and submit professionally written articles to high ranking websites.

Local SEO Services

Focus on Local SEO to get More Traffic and Conversions!

Did you know that it is much easier to get ranked in search engines as a local business? By targeting internet users from your city, you have less competition, which means faster rankings!

  1. Google Places: We set you up with Google Maps and Google Places. this ensures that visitors can see Google Map search engine results showing your hours of operation and address along with your business name.
  2. Google Analytics: With Analytics, you can view how many visitors you get to your website, every single day. You get statistics such as which city they are from, which pages they viewed, and how long they stayed on your website.
  3. Google Webmaster Tools + Sitemap: We integrate your website with Webmaster Tools so that Google can have a better understanding of your website’s structure. Your pages will get indexed in Google faster by creating a sitemap and submitting in to Webmaster Tools.
  4. More Content = Better Rankings: The #1 criteria for ranking in search engines; on-site and off-site. We create content for your blog as well as articles on high ranking websites linking back to your own site. This helps boost rankings with all major search engines.
  5. On-Site SEO: If you have a WordPress website, we include meta descriptions on each of your pages and posts in order to help search engines understand your content better, and to display your page results properly to ensure better clickthrough rates.

What To Expect

Every website is different, and is treated accordingly. We cannot promise fast results, as a proper search engine optimization campaign requires several months of ongoing effort to see results. This is why we offer monthly packages, each being based how quickly you want to see results. With each package, you can expect the following:

  1. Better rankings in all major search engines.
  2. More content on your website, creating better visitor response.
  3. Improved visibility quality in Google listings with On-Site Optimization.
  4. A visitor statistics tool.
  5. A long term solution to getting free traffic to your website.
  6. An SEO campaign tailored to your needs.
24/7 Support:
  • Contact Us: You can email or call us with any concerns about your campaign. We provide ongoing support, and are happy to provide you with in-depth information about your SEO campaign.
  • Reporting: We send you monthly reports detailing all of our SEO activities for your website. This includes spreadsheets of links to articles written, and targeted keywords used within content.
  • We provide full 24/7 support.

View Pricing

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