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We can work with any WordPress theme!
After you sign up, you will give us the details of what you need, and we will send you a list of WordPress themes that we think would suit you best. You get to choose any WordPress theme you’d like from our own selection or any other that you may find. We can meet over coffee, or over the Internet if you wish.

NERBELS.com Web Design & Optimization is one of the most affordable web design companies in Halifax, NS. We design websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations across Canada and the United States.

We provide professional websites based on the premium WordPress themes. Each website is unique and optimized for search engine visibility. We will also integrate your website with the most popular social media sites so that you can expand to a wider audience.

You can choose between our monthly service package, or a flat fee. Apart from web design, we also offer monthly search engine optimization services. With these combined, you will be able to maximize your reach and increase your revenue!


Our Services


Custom WordPress Theme: After we gather your business requirements, we will send you links to WordPress themes that we feel would suit your needs. You can pick from these themes, or any other theme you find. You can send us drawings, or links to example websites that you like. We will then start to build your website.

Content Writing: Need help creating content? We are experienced internet bloggers, and we can help you create premium content to populate your pages. We offer article writing, and blogging services.

Social Networking: A social media presence proves helps to retain repeat customers and expands your reach. We can create Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account accounts for your business. We will then add social media buttons to your website so that your visitors can follow you.

Get To Know Our Design Process

First, we set up a meeting with you to talk about what you want out of a website. We will make suggestions and let you know what features we can add to your website. Then, we send you a list of Premium WordPress themes that we feel would make sense for your business. You can pick and choose which you like the best. If you are not happy with our selection, you can pick from a selection of 100’s of other themes.

Now, it is time for you to write some website content. We can be there for you if you need us as you proceed with this step. We can build your website while you are writing content. When you finish a piece of the content, you can send it to us to be added to the website.

Then, we finalize your website’s design. This shouldn’t take too long. The time that it takes to complete your website depends mostly on how long it takes you to send in the rest of your content. Don’t worry, we can make as many tweaks as you want for 2 weeks after the website is complete. You then get 1 hour of monthly web design tweaks and security updates.

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Our Monthly Web Design Alternative


1 Hour of Web Design, Content Changes and Security Updates.

With our monthly plan, we provide 1 hour of design updates, as well as timely security updates when new WordPress versions are available.
The 1 Hour Personal Concierge. Random Online Services!

Don’t have any design or content changes to be done? Let us know what else you need! We are your personal concierge. As long as it is online (and ethical), we can help.

Monthly Design Service/Content Changes/Security Updates

Once we get you up and running with a complete website, you can request changes to be made to design or content every month for the lifetime of your website.

Need content? Not enough time to write? We can write pages and blog posts for you. This is included with your monthly package.

You also get a new WordPress installation every time a new version of WordPress comes out. We will backup your website before making any changes, and we will let you know when we’ve installed a new version. Keeping WordPress up to date helps prevent security attacks.

What We Do? – Summary of our web design services

  • Professional Web Design : We design professional looking websites with a low cost plan.
  • Responsive Design : We can design your website for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Web Hosting : You get free hosting when you sign up with our monthly web design plan.
  • Security Updates : We provide continuous security updates when they are available.
  • Design/Content Updates : We provide 1 hour of free web design or content updates every month.
  • Concierge Service : You get 1 hour of ‘virtual assistance’ service in months that require no updates.

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You can contact us at info@nerbels.com or 902-404-5733 with any questions you may have about this web design service.